The New Audi RS 3: Prices, Reviews and Specs

The 2018 Audi RS 3 may be a model refresh, but it’s big news in the U.S. That’s because up until now the RS 3 sport sedan wasn’t available. Audi is finally shipping the RS 3 sedan over to North America. The German automaker has a tendency of withholding the RS models and making us […]

Audi Proves It Can Still Go the Distance at Petit Le Mans

Audi just got sweet redemption after narrowly missing a win by 0.293 seconds at the Rolex 24 in Daytona earlier this year. The Montaplast Audi race team pulled out an IMSA GTD Class win at the 20th Anniversary Motul Petit Le Mans. The race was part of the IMSA WeatherTech Championship and marked the first […]

BMW Wireless Charging

New Standard Wireless Features Keep the 6 Series Connected Driving is quickly becoming a connected experience. Although the first “carphone” was invented nearly 100 years ago, it didn’t have much range and was rather experimental. Today, mobile communication and connectivity is considered essential to most people. We take our smart phones and mobile devices with […]

BMW Takes Another Step Towards Autonomous Driving With the 2017 5 Series

If you’ve been keeping up with BMW news lately then you’ve probably heard the chatter about the 2017 5 Series. After years of minor updates, the BMW is giving this long-running lineup a facelift. The seventh generation of 5 Series models will look and operate more like a 7 Series sedan, but that’s not the […]

7 Series Carbon Core

Lighter, Stronger, Faster – The Difference of BMW’s Carbon Core BMW’s engineers are always looking for ways to improve the power and performance of their vehicles. Much of the time focus is put on the engine, but dozens of components get factored into the equation. One of the more important factors is the weight of […]

The Soft Roof That’s Making Convertibles More Convenient and Comfortable

The convertible. There’s something so nostalgic about a ragtop. Maybe because convertibles reached their height in popularity during the 1960s when people were starting to let loose a little more. No other type of vehicle expresses the feeling you get from the freedom of the open road like a convertible. But they aren’t always the […]

How the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe Revolutionized a Style

Is it a coupe or a sedan? If you’re looking at a BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe the answer is both. For years and years, the coupe body style was identified by a few characteristics – one of them being two doors. In French, the word coupé means “cut”. But did you know coupe originally referred to […]

Audi Buyer Demographics: 7 Reasons Why Audi Vehicles Are the Choice for Young Professionals

German Auto Center opened its doors just a few years after Audi entered the U.S. market. We’ve seen the automaker gets its foothold, earn respect in the luxury market and finally gain momentum that is nothing short of phenomenal. We’ve seen the explosion in Audi ownership here in Austin, TX, and the latest figures from […]

Tackling Audi 2.0L TSI Timing Chain Issues

It’s time once again for a 2.0L TSI Audi engine tip. Audi and VW drivers who own models that are 2008 or newer are quite familiar with the 2.0L Turbo Straight Injection (TSI) 4-cylinder engine. These engines were designed to produce as much power as possible with as little displacement as possible. The 2.0L TSI […]

BMW M3 Common Problems and Repair Costs

There is no denying that the BMW M3 models are extremely well made vehicles. That said, like all cars, the M3 has its quirks. After 27 years on the road there are very few complaints with this sport coupe. The issues most commonly reported include: Leaks in the Power Steering Hose – The M series […]