Audi Buyer Demographics: 7 Reasons Why Audi Vehicles Are the Choice for Young Professionals

German Auto Center opened its doors just a few years after Audi entered the U.S. market. We’ve seen the automaker gets its foothold, earn respect in the luxury market and finally gain momentum that is nothing short of phenomenal. We’ve seen the explosion in Audi ownership here in Austin, TX, and the latest figures from […]

Tackling Audi 2.0L TSI Timing Chain Issues

It’s time once again for a 2.0L TSI Audi engine tip. Audi and VW drivers who own models that are 2008 or newer are quite familiar with the 2.0L Turbo Straight Injection (TSI) 4-cylinder engine. These engines were designed to produce as much power as possible with as little displacement as possible. The 2.0L TSI […]

BMW M3 Common Problems and Repair Costs

There is no denying that the BMW M3 models are extremely well made vehicles. That said, like all cars, the M3 has its quirks. After 27 years on the road there are very few complaints with this sport coupe. The issues most commonly reported include: Leaks in the Power Steering Hose – The M series […]

Buying a Used Porsche

What to Know About Purchasing a Pre-Owned Porsche Owning a Porsche is on the bucket list of many car enthusiasts. These sports cars are examples of exemplary engineering and classic design that will never go out of style. After 67 years of production, there are hundreds of models to choose from, most of which offer […]

BMW i3 Series Review: i3 Repair, Service & Common Problems – Austin BMW Experts

BMW i3 Owner’s Guide Electric cars have come a long way in the last decade. Tesla turned the auto world on its head with an electric car that rivaled other sports cars in style and performance. Now, BMW is getting in the game with an electric car of its own. The BMW i3 is helping […]

Porsche Boxster: Common Engine Problems

Right from the onset, the Porsche Boxster’s M96 engine (and subsequent M97) was developed to offer superior performance and scalability. However, mechanical endeavors are rarely perfect on the first attempt. Over the years a number of deficiencies have been identified and fixed in latter versions of the engine. At our Austin Porsche repair shop we’ve […]

Buying a Used BMW in Austin, TX

Considerations When Buying a Used BMW In the market for a used BMW? Buying any used car requires careful consideration, but for BMWs there are a number of specific things to keep in mind. Here are the considerations that need to be made to get a solid, pre-owned BMW. Service History Because of the long […]

Los Angeles Auto Show Debuts Three New Porsche Models

When Porsche plans to reveal a new model it gets people’s attention. So the announcement that three new Porsche models were going to make their world premier at the Los Angeles Auto Show generated a lot of interest. A special Porsche press conference was held during the show to officially unveil the new models. The […]

Common BMW Engine Problems for Austin, TX Owners

If you own, or plan to own, a BMW then you’re probably curious about what engine problems are most common so you know what to look out for. Below is a rundown that outlines the most common engine problems we see at German Auto Center in Austin, TX. Water Pump Failure It’s not unheard of […]

BMW Testing a Vehicle Controlled by a Smartwatch

How Intellect is Smartwatch Car Technology? If you like the innovation of the BMW i3, things are about to get a whole lot more interesting. The German auto manufacturer is about to unveil some impressive technology, but it won’t be at an auto show. BMW is set to show off its smartwatch controlled i3 at […]

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