MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door Owner’s Guide

The MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door is the iconic original that has captivated drivers for decades. Even people who prefer oversized SUVs can’t help but have fun when they’re zipping around in a MINI Hardtop 2-Door. What it lacks in size the new MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door makes up for in entertainment and excellent pricing. 

Keep reading to find out more about driving a MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door in Austin.

The MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door Model Essentials

Few vehicles have gained instant attention like the MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door. When it was first released in 1959 people weren’t sure what to think, but this compact car quickly came to represent a different kind of driving. Sure it’s smaller inside compared to other vehicles, but the MINI uses its small size in its favor once the engine starts up. Despite people not knowing what to think of the MINI when it first hit the streets, they quickly figured it out and embraced the different driving experience. 

MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door Performance 

Don’t let the horsepower fool you into thinking the MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door is sluggish. It’s just the right amount of power for its size to zip around corners and buzz around town. There’s a distinct experience driving a MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-door that isn’t the same with other vehicles. MINI Coopers are known for handling more like a go-kart than a standard size vehicle.

The latest MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door model includes the following performance specs:

  • TwinPower Turbo, 1.5-liter, inline 3-cylinder direct-injection engine 
  • 134 horsepower 
  • 0-to-60 in 7.6 seconds 
  • 162 lb-ft torque 
  • 29 city/ 38 highway MPG
  • 6-speed manual or automatic transmission
  • Multiple driving modes
  • Pre-conditioning function to warm up the car
  • Automated emergency braking
  • Active Driving Assistant
  • Self-parking assist (available)

MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door Pricing

There are actually four MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door models, and all of them are affordably priced. The base model starts at just $23,400, however, the price tag goes up to $32,900 if you select the John Cooper Works model. 

Tech Features in the MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door Model

When BMW took over ownership of MINI Cooper they weren’t about to let the peppy compact vehicle rest on its laurels. Like other cars manufactured by BMW, the MINI Cooper has been continuously updated to make it technologically advanced. One of the most impressive things about MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door models is the fact they come standard with a number of technology features you won’t find in similarly priced vehicles.

The MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door comes with tech features like:  

  • Dynamic digital instrument cluster
  • 8.8” touchscreen display
  • City collision mitigation
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Lane departure warning system
  • Turn-by-turn navigation system
  • Interactive steering wheel that vibrates
  • Hands-free passive entry
  • LED headlights
  • Multicolor ambient lighting 
  • Harman/Kardon audio system available
  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Automatic dual-zone climate control
  • Heated front seats
  • Rain-sensing windshield wipers
  • Wireless charging pad
  • USB-C ports

MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door Repair in Austin

If you decide to purchase a MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door, something you’ll want to be aware of is any common repair needs that will factor into the cost of ownership. Past models have had a few mechanical issues that BMW has been working out. So, if you have a used MINI Cooper Hardtop you may need to brace for a repair or two.

Common MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door repairs we see include:

  • Premature wear on the clutch
  • Electric door lock malfunctioning
  • Failure in the electric power steering pump
  • Leaking water pump
  • Timing chain movement/looseness
  • Automatic transmission failure

MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door Maintenance in Austin

Even though the MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door is half the size of other vehicles, it still requires regular maintenance. Regular maintenance should begin at 10,000-12,000 miles and is repeated every year or for each 10,000 miles you drive.

Standard MINI Cooper Hardtop 2-Door maintenance includes:

  • General vehicle inspection
  • Changing the oil
  • Replacing the oil filter
  • Air filter checks
  • Checking the tires
  • Tire rotation
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Wiper replacement
  • Wiper fluid level check
  • Brake fluid check
  • Transmission fluid check
  • Power steering fluid check
  • Hose and belt inspection

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