The BMW 8 Series Review

When BMW released the 8 Series in 1989 there was nothing like it on the road. Now it truly is a modern day classic for BMW. The engineers drew inspiration from the coupes of the 1930s, but they worked in revolutionary features like pop-up headlights and an electronically adjustable steering wheel.

The aerodynamic design was a head turner that is still very identifiable today. It may be larger and heavier than today’s coupes, but with a V12 engine the 8 Series still has plenty of get up and go. There’s a reason BMW lovers, including the experts at German Auto Center, still search the web looking for an 8 Series of their own.

The BMW 8 Series Essentials

If you’re obsessed with high tech from the 1990s you’ll thoroughly enjoy the 8 Series. These cars were tricked out with all the latest gadgets of their time. You may not be able to connect your Bluetooth capable devices, but the 8 Series coupes are still a lot of fun to drive.

8 Series Models
The 8 Series only came in one sporty body style – the coupe. However, there were a variety of models within the series in addition to two prototype models: the M8 and the 830i.

• 8 Series 840Ci – In 1994 BMW released a 286 horsepower V8 version of the 8 series as an entry level car.
• 8 Series 850i – When you bump it up to an 850i model you get a powerful V12 engine that can turn out 300 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque.
• 8 Series 850Ci – In 1994 the 850i was out, and the 850Ci with its supped up 5.4 liter V12 was in.
• 8 Series 850CSi – This was the amped up V12 that came in 1993. It increased the power to 381 horsepower and 406 lb-ft torque.

BMW 8 Series Performance and Pricing
The 8 Series was designed to give drivers a new level of performance they had never experienced before. By today’s standards the specs may seem tame, but in its heyday the 8 Series was as extreme as it got.

The performance specs for the 8 Series includes:

• Top speed of 155 MPH
• Up to 381 horsepower
• 0-to-62 in 6.8 seconds
• 4-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission
• 406 lb-ft torque
• 5-link rear suspension
• Traction control
• Stability control

When the 8 Series was originally released it would cost you upwards of $68,000-$101,000. Today you can find one used for anywhere from $6,000 to $38,000.

BMW 8 Series Interior
Since the last production run of the 8 Series was in 1999 you won’t find all of the creature comforts or technological wizardry of BMW’s latest models. However, you may be surprised to find that it does have automatically dimming rear view mirrors, integrated seat belts and on-board computer to improve comfort and performance. The 8 Series were also fairly large for a coupe so it’s spacious enough inside.

BMW 8 Series Model Repairs, Service and Maintenance

At this point you’ll want to really baby your 8 Series to make sure it keeps on gliding down the road. After working on a number of 8 Series coupes in our Austin BMW maintenance shop here are the things you’ll need to watch out for:

• Multiple power steering hose failure at once
• Cooling system leaks
• Oil leaks
• Front thrust rod brushings failure

We’d love the opportunity to make 8 Series BMW repairs in Austin. If your 8 Series coupe needs repairs, regular maintenance or performance upgrades come by our Bosch-authorized BMW shop.

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